It started as a group of airdrop hunters, and our income from airdrop was quite good. we harbored a question, how do they hold airdrops there? how do they make a token / coin? how do they build a project so they can share it with thousands of people? maybe how much capital must be spent in building a project.

 from there we began to think, why we only became hunters airdrop from other people's projects and why we did not build our own projects. and after that we started planning to build the project as well as other people's projects. we started to make a small team and shared our respective task plans and then we started to build projects with modest capital. only one of our capital that we consider to be the main capital, that is a real intention to create a project.
after all working hard with their respective duties then began to grow a small project and can also be called the POOREST project worldwide with modest capital funds but very high determination capital and really really that is YOUNG project along with an erc20 token named YOUNG Token (YOUNG)